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Tonight, we did our very first virtual MOPS meeting. Funny how life works out when life changes in a flash. We pray that this too shall pass. This topic happens to be fitting with how we are handling this meeting. We talked all about the hard conversations we need to be prepared for about smartphone use and how to model and teach healthy habits to our children.

MOPS Mentor: Misty's Devotional

We're so wrapped up in life, you forget to listen. In a time where technology has taken over, we need to take time to be quiet and listen to God. Throughout the book, God is speaking to us and we need to listen. Be encouraged by hearing HIS voice. There is power in prayer. Be okay if it doesn't happen right now. Be open. God is creative and will speak to you. I challenge you to take time to be quiet and listen to God

If you are a MOPS member online, you can replay the videos from the meeting:

Click here to access videos or click on each title for the video transcript:

- A Journey With A Destination

- Milestones of Trust

- You Can Tell Me Anything

- Closing Video: Be A Missionary To Your Kid

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