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Mental Health

Life can be overwhelming enough, but when you add kids into your life, it can take a toll. We understand. We're all moms and we are all in this together. That is exactly why we gather. We need to vent, we need ideas to bounce off each other and we just need each other for support. It is okay to not be okay. If you are ever in need of venting or talking to someone, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

During our meeting, MOPS coordinator Esther and MOPS tech nerd Esmeralda opened up to their mental health, the struggles they've endured and how they are doing their best to making it work. They also opened up a panel where you could ask them any questions in regards to their mental health.

Some of the activities we included was how to make stress balls, calming jars and handed out self care bingo, which you can play from home. Sometimes mom life has us feeling overwhelmed and we feel like we have no control and something as simple as completing one simple task, like brushing our hair or changing to a clean pair of clothes, can boost our morale back up. Which is the purpose of the self care bingo. Complete a task and check it off. It's a good way of saying to yourself that you have accomplished something.

Download Self Care Bingo

Directions on How to make stress balls

Directions on How to make calming jars

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