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This was a fun evening filled with creativity!

Our MOPS coordinator Esther started off the icebreaker by walking around each table. She took a piece of paper, asked us if we wanted a number or a scribble and challenged us to get creative and make something out of it. It was fun to see everyone's thought process and what we came up with. The point? That you have the potential to be creative.


We’re All Creatives by Arielle Estoria arielleestoria.com

Video: We're All Creatives Password: abundant

Arielle Estoria is a writer, speaker and social media storyteller. She believes words are meant to be felt and not just heard and demonstrates this motto in her collection of music and poetry called Symphony of a Lioness and her newest printed collection of poetry: Write Bloody Spill Pretty. She has a deep love for car karaoke, brunch and flowers. She knows we all have the potential to create beautiful things and place them in this world, and urges us to find our own creative route.

We all channel different forms of our creative side. Some of us are cooks. Some of us crochet. Some of us paint. Some of us perform. Some of us are caretakers. The point is that our creativity comes in all forms. We all have the capability to create.

We gave moms the opportunity to share their creativity.

Some of our own MOPS moms are:

- Cooks/ Bakers

- Musicians

- Photographers

- Teachers

- Graphic Designers

- Mail Carriers

- Dancers

- School Staff

- Care Takers

- Medical Staff

- Homemakers

So start creating!


- When you were young, what did you dream you’d be doing as an adult?

- What is your creative route?

- What stops you from using your creativity?

Have you ever felt shamed over something you created?

- What would you like to create and share with the world? What can you do this week to move forward?

Creativity by Sarah Damaska sarahdamaska.com

We first met them in a stifling brothel, in the poorest part of town. There are few opportunities afforded to a single mom in Haiti, a product of the bondage of poverty. In order to support their families, they turn to prostitution. In the middle of a place I couldn’t imagine meeting Jesus, something came roaring to life. He invited me into a story of redemption through creativity. A hundred times we’ve asked ourselves what we’ve gotten into, hauling suitcases home full of art they’ve created. One by one, we sell the items, in awe of the beauty. But what they create is only part of the story. Their eyes that used to be full of shame, void of emotion; today, they are full of light. Their dignity is being restored. I used to think creativity was a fringe benefit, something to do after all the important tasks were finished. I was wrong. Creativity sets us free, reminding us of who we are meant to be at our very core. There’s art in us because we were made to co-create with our Maker. You, my friend, were created by a God who places high value on your creativity, ingenuity and uniqueness. Your contribution to the world is how you reveal God’s glory. And yet, we live in a broken world. This very moment, someone has lost a mother, a child, a relationship, a job. There are broken promises, severed relationships, fatal diagnosis, crippling addictions. When life crumbles, do we give up our art? “The discipline of creation is an effort toward wholeness,” Madeleine L’Engle wrote. “How many artists in the eyes of the world have been less than whole? The great artists have gained their wholeness through their wounds.” I sit with the Haitian ladies, watching them arrange colors, holding up the finished product for us to admire. Their art has transformed them, but it has also transformed me. I’m reminded of Paul’s words, For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, to do the good things He planned for us long ago. (Ephesians 2:10) Hope begins in the darkness, subtly shifting as we find value in the fullness of who we are created to be, reclaiming what has been smoldering under all the other layers. Perhaps under your daily routine, stretched finances, sports practices and deadlines, you feel a bit lost. Listen to the voice of Jesus, reminding you that you are creative, not because of your talents, but because you are his. You bear his image, not to become famous or important, but to restore the light. Be brave enough to uncover the art you were born to make.


• What creative interest has God put in your heart?

• How can you make time for your creative work in this season?

• How can you support others in their creativity?


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