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Changing The Rules

Hey mom!

What's your ideal perfect day?

A day where nothing goes wrong, no conflicts, you get to drink a hot coffee uninterrupted, no kids are fighting with each other, the kids eat everything you offer them, they do their homework, the kids clean up their own messes, they get themselves ready for bed and stay asleep all night?

Wouldn't that be nice? What a daydream.

Who do you call for advice?

- mom

- sister

- friends

- social media

- the internet

Our God isn't a checklist kind of God. God's charge for us is freedom, remember?!

We don't need more kings, queens, inspiration, information, ideas or perspectives!

We need to live as if the rules were torn up with the flesh of our savior, because they were.

Whether we, as moms:

Formula vs. Breastfeed

You are feeding your child.

Ferber vs. Cosleeping

You are giving rest.

Public vs. Private vs. Homeschool vs. Co-Op

You are giving knowledge.

Tear up other people's rules and run your race.

When you receive new information from:

- Advice

- Rules

- Recommendations

- Social Media Posts

Ask yourself:

Is this rooted in guilt or is this rooted in conviction?

How do you know the difference?

Guilt= "should"

- Ex: Should you feed the kids?

Should kids get more screen time?

Should you take that job?

- Guilt gives you a gut punch

Conviction= "could"

- Ex: Could you feed the kids more?

Could you limit screen time?

Could you take that job?

- Conviction gives you a gut check

We don't have to run 5 miles to be the perfect mother. We just have to run.

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